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KalynsKitchen Healthy Christmas and New Year's Recipes

This board has healthy recipes suitable for holiday parties.

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KalynsKitchen Healthy Christmas and New Year's Recipes

  • 118 Pins

Recipe for Broccoli Gratin with Swiss and Parmesan (plus 10 More Broccoli Recipes for Thanksgiving or any time you're having a special meal.) found on #BroccoliCheese

Delicious Arugula, Red Grape, and Shaved Manchego Salad (and 10 More Salad Ideas for Thanksgiving, or any time you need a great salad for a special meal.) [from] #ArugulaSalad

This Easy Roasted Tomatoes and Shrimp with Feta, Oregano, and Fennel is amazing for a special dinner. [from] #LowCarb #GlutenFree #Shrimp

Easy Recipe for Red and Green Fruit Salad; this healthy salad has anti-oxidant rich berries! [from] #FruitSalad #EasyRecipe #HealthyFruit

Kalyn's Kitchen®: Easy Recipe for Red and Green Fruit Salad

Low-Sugar Coconut Almond Macaroon Cookies; these cookies are approved for the South Beach Diet if you use an approved sweetener. [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #GlutenFree #SouthBeachDiet #LowSugar

Five Delicious Recipes for Black-Eyed Peas for Good Luck in the New Year! [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #HealthyNewYear

Recipe for Black-Eyed Pea Hummus with Olive Oil and Sumac; this is a delicious way to eat your black-eyed peas for good luck on New Year's Day! [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #HealthyNewYear

Recipe for Ham and Cauliflower Casserole au Gratin; if you happen to have leftover ham from a holiday meal, this is a fantastic way to use it! [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #HealthyHolidays #HealthyNewYear

Recipe for Roasted Cauliflower with Red Bell Pepper, Green Olives, and Pine Nuts; this is colorful and festive for a holiday side dish! (Christmas Caulifiower) [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #HealthyHolidays

Greek Yogurt and Tahini Dip for Tomatoes and Cucumbers (plus 10 More Healthy Vegetable Dips). This post is for everyone who's trying to make it through December without gaining ten pounds! [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #HealthyHolidays

Easy Shrimp Cocktail with Creamy Sriracha Cocktail Sauce (and Ten More Shrimp Recipes for the Holidays). Shrimp is a healthy food that still feels like a treat! [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #HealthyHolidays

Karyn's Breakfast Casserole Recipe with Artichokes, Goat Cheese, and Canadian Bacon; this is a delicious breakfast casserole that's special enough for the holidays! [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #HealthyHolidays

Shrimp Cocktail Recipe with Low-Sugar Cocktail Sauce is a healthy holiday appetizer that your guests will love! [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #HealthyHolidays

This Breakfast Casserole with Sweet Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, and Cheese uses a small amount of turkey Italian Sausage for flavor without much fat. This would make a great holiday breakfast! [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #HealthyHolidays

Julia Child's Brandade á la Soissonaise (Puree of White Beans with Garlic and Herbs). This is a healthy dip for the holidays, milder in taste than hummus but still delicious. [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #HealthyHolidays

Low-Sugar and Whole-Wheat Pumpkin Banana Bread Recipe; this is a nice change from the overly sweet baked goods at this time of year. [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #HealthyHolidays

Recipe for Roasted Green Beans and Red Bell Pepper with Garlic and Ginger; this is a deliciously healthy side dish for the holidays! [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #HealthyHolidays

Five Amazing Spice Blends to Give for a Homemade Christmas Gift because no one needs a plate of cookies from everyone they know, even if it is the holidays! [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #HealthyHolidays

Recipe for Low-Sugar Gluten-Free Cranberry Apple Crisp; this delicious dessert is also vegan if you use coconut oil like I did. [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #LowSugarDessert #GlutenFree

Recipe for Baked Eggs with Mushrooms and Parmesan; this would be a lovely dish for Christmas morning. You could bake a larger version in a big casserole dish if you don't have enough individual dishes. [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #HealthyHolidays

This Artichoke, Kale, and Ricotta Pie with Eggs and Parmesan would be perfect for Christmas morning or a holiday brunch. [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #HealthyChristmasRecipes

Fifteen Delicious Low-Sugar or Sugar-Free Cookies to Bake for the Holidays (many are gluten-free) [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #LowSugarChristmasCookies #GlutenFree

Recipe for Whole Grain Low-Sugar (or sugar-free) Chocolate Cookies with Pecans. You can make these with a small amount of brown sugar, or use all sweetener; your choice. [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #LowSugarChristmasCookies

Low-Sugar and Flourless Chocolate Coconut Drops with Almonds (Gluten-Free); these are easy to make and delicious! [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #LowSugarChristmasCookies