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Support Our Troops

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. ~Cynthia Ozick God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?" ~William A. Ward

Safe asleep

Click here to download a free printable template and carve your own Marine Corps pumpkin!

This is Liam and Theo. They were killed together last year in Afghanistan. They are being buried in the same casket.

WTC Cross People are suing to have this cross taken down. One American town had to saw an arm off of their cross to keep it on their water tower where it had been for years, Tim Tebow can no longer wear John 3:16 under his eyes, and a couple was fined in California for having Bible study at their home. These are just the tip of the ice burg see what the American Center For Law and Justice is doing for our liberties. Thank God for these people! They are standing up for our freedoms.

Respect. I offer thanks and appreciation to every man & woman who has served, and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, so that I may remain free.

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day! Click LIKE to say thank you to all the wonderful husbands and wives who support, serve, and sacrifice for our military.

Johnny Cash - We raise her up every morning and we bring her down slow every night. We don't let her touch the ground, and we fold her up right. On second thought I do like to brag 'cause I'm mighty proud of that Ragged Old Flag"

Medic James Callahan attempts to save an injured soldier during the Battle of Saigon, photographer not known (yet)

Welcome to Adopt A US Soldier Your support makes a difference Adopt A US Soldier is a non-profit organization that seeks volunteers to help show the brave men and women fighting for our freedom that their sacrifices will not go unnoticed. It connects supportive civilians with deployed troops and offers a channel by which to communicate encouragement and express gratitude to those brave men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces.

God bless our troops