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Dumb bitches who post things like this.

Random Funny Pictures - 47 Pics

Kendall Jones- killer and attention whore. Parenting gone wrong.

Rick Berman

HSUS shows its true anti-animal colors

The Blonde Vegan. Instead of addressing critics and the very legitimate things they say about how she has and continues to cash in on veganism while being an omnivore herself, blocks them like a little girl. Seriously hope her fake brand dies soon.

Kendall Jones. Just a pathetic little girl, and her fans are scum.

Nathan Winograd- who claims there is no overpopulation and aligns himself with factory farms and the restaurant industry against animal rights organizations. Plus, his persuasive writing skills must be an embarrassment to Stanford Law.

Michael Sandlin, who has kept Tony the Tiger prisoner at his gas station for over a decade.

La Supreme Court won't hear truck stop tiger case - IND Monthly

Derik Alan Huskey, Midland Texas, tortures his dog to death in front of onlookers

Midland man stabs his dog multiple times in drunken rage

Avery County Deputy Jack McCloud, Elk Park, North Carolina, who left his dogs to starve chained in his yard while on vacation and has the nerve to bitch about the kind woman who rescued the puppy (who is now charged with theft). Rot in hell, you sadistic shit.

Heroic Woman Charged with Theft for Saving Dying Puppy

The suit says that Happiness is Pets is selling dogs from puppy mills. Ronald Berning - you are a pathetic excuse of a human being.

Happiness Is Pets consumer fraud suit is back in action

MICHAEL EDISON, 23-Ashland, MA ~ DEXTER, a 1 yr Black Lab, wasn't ready to go back into the kennel yet; he was outside playing in the rain - ah, a moment of freedom. EDISON chased Dexter trying to hit him with a rake, kicked him several times and then repeatedly slammed Dexter's head on the floor. Edison, charged with animal cruelty, posted bail. No word on Dexter's condition. Let the punishment be the same as the crime before he's sent to prison.

Kennel worker arrested for allegedly beating young dog

Petition To Punish Andre Robinson, the NY cat kicker, to the fullest extent of the law! Sign With Us Today As Your Child or Children Will Be His Next Targets Which Is Always True of Sadistic Torturers of This Kind. Norm and His Girls Signed Today

vivisector at UCLA, J. David Jentsch. tHIS MAN HAS TORTURED AND ABUSED COUNTLESS ANIMALS in the name of 'science'

DR MILLARD "LOU" TIERCE, Ft Worth, TX Charged With Animal Cruelty, Now Out on Bond. He kept a dog, who was to be euthanized, alive for months using him as a blood donor and never told the dog's Guardians. This is not the only time he's done this. www.nbcconnecticu... Let the punishment be the same as the crime before he's sent to prison.

Veterinarian accused of keeping dog alive for blood surrenders to authorities. Dr. Lou Tierce should be locked up and never see the light of day again!!

DEVRON QUARTERMAN allegedly poured gasoline on the family's Jack Russell terrier and lit it on fire. The dog was chained to a tree. Quarterman's mother heard the dog's cries & observed the dog rolling in the dirt; when she touched the dog's fur, it came off on her hands. Bless her, she called police. Let the punishment be the same as the crime before going to prison. He's booked on animal cruelty charges.

Mother turns in son who is accused of setting dog on fire

This is still one of the most disturbing things I have ever learned about on Imgur

GREGORY PERKINS, a college math professor, Monterey CA was sentenced on Thurs to 180 days in jail & he's required to take an anger management class for stealing Melissa Dalton's Lab retriever "Candy Cane". She's never been found. The family is hopeful if she's alive she'll be returned - she's micro chipped. Pray she's alive.

Man accused of stealing neighbor's dog has been sentenced to jail

Proud of killing a cat. January 2013 Outback Broadheads Game Photo Competition. www.bowhunting-fo... --Shared to DESERT HEARTS Animal Compassion - Phoenix, Arizona -- @Tara Harmon Hannon Rider Berry on Twitter 4/12/2014

January 2013 Outback Broadheads Game Photo Competition

Men Arrested Trying to Sell Stolen Puppy, 'Thor' Back to Owners in Parking Lot - WBFF Fox Baltimore - Top Stories Police identified the suspects as Mark Tyrone Gibson, 37 and William Terrell Hudson, 33 Read More at:

Deputy County Attorney Jim Minix and Manatee County Judge Charles Sniffen killed these beautiful dogs in Manatee County FL. Hope karma finds you, assholes.