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It's puppy love

38 Unexpectedly Brilliant Ideas for Dog Owners For a dog who loves to tear apart stuffed animals, make a durable activity ball with a Hol-ee rubber ball, scraps of fabric, and treats.

38 Unexpectedly Brilliant Tips For Dog Owners

A most touching scene - this momma really takes her job seriously!

Body Language 101

Four orphaned hedgehog babies found their new mom after they lost their own. The cat started nursing them alongside her own kitten when they were introduced to her. She adopted them as her own. The little hedgehogs not only have gained a new mom, but also a furry kitty brother. The science of motherhood!

Cat Mom Adopts Four Orphan Hedgehogs

DIY Twenty Five Tutorials for Pets and Their Owners from Everything Etsy here. The list has everything from dog treats to a pet bed to homemade dog shampoo.

25 DIY Gifts for Pet Lovers -


Freak of Nature Thursdays: Miniature Goats