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4-H: Dairy Goats

Did you know, goat milk is used for human consumption? In fact, more people in the world drink goat milk than cow milk, although in the US the opposite is true. Dairy goats are a great project for members to learn about agriculture around the world and in your own backyard. Members may start with a doe and then raise kids to create their own dairy goat herd (KS 4-H Project Selection Guide 2012). Check with local 4-H office for availability before enrolling.

Types of Dairy Goats and Goat Milk information

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American Dairy Goat Association - Guide to Dairy Goat Shows

Guide to Dairy Goat Shows

American Dairy Goat Association

Kansas 4-H Dairy Goat Promotional Brochure - things to learn / do by age of 4Her, project support, cost, leadership opportunity, community service, recognition

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