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I can travel anywhere, do anything, be anyone, without even leaving my house, so long as I use my imagination. The possibilities truly are endless.

Disney on Tumblr <<< that last comment though

Anna - Super Strength!!!!! XD LOL!!!

The Lion King family tree…

The Lion King family tree…
  • Brittany Baxa

    So kiara is Kovu's second cousin?

  • Kara Archambault

    There's some debate. In the movie it's said that scar names Kovu as his heir and "takes him in." Kind of ambiguous there on whether or not Kovu is Scar's or not.

  • Brittany Baxa

    I was gonna say. I wasn't really agreeing with that from what I could remember. I also remember Scar taking him in, but I don't know if it ever says who is Kovu's parents or what happened to them. But the way the pic of the family tree looks... I was confused! :-) lol

The Kings Of Priderock by dyb on deviantART

The Kings Of Priderock by dyb on deviantART

Lion King Comeback

There’s Always a Lion King Comeback

lol, I would totes ride that roller-coaster!

*MUFASA ~ Lion King, 1994

You uncultured swine…

love is a bar of chocolate<<< again, life mantra