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A few of my sisters suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. It's no joke. I support every effort to help them with their anxiety.

"Popped my squeaky toy... there goes my afternoon." Big dog problems... :) Dog Shaming

How to Use Chopsticks

Faces of the Star Trek movie actors photoshopped & merged with Star Trek TOS actors

That's love!!!! My husband thinks it's "stupid" but I think he's just jealous that I spend 3 hours in the morning and every Wednesday glued to the tv to watch these men who I would leave him for in a heartbeat!!! J/k bout leaving him....but he is jealous they r so sexy!!! ♥

Excellent idea for outdoor party. Works with water bottles and pop for a nonalcoholic party!

The DIY rod holder storage box for your fishing kayak•OutdoorBlogging

The world needs more people holding fish in pictures and less people holding cameras in front of bathroom mirrors. Period.

a dog makes for a great companion as you get in your canoe and paddle, don't leave shore without one. I find it helps to wear her out with a game of fetch a bit first, though.

Vintage tin, metal signs on sale at $8.95 with free ship offer | A Simpler Time