truly a big fat list of essential oil wellness recipes! its like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow...a definite GOOD TO KNOW!

Camp Wander: Big Fat List of Essential Oil Wellness Recipes!

Wondering about Close Reading? This detailed post is such a great resource...and there is a freebie too!

Context clues for nonfiction text

Before you speak think

How to answer Common Core short-response questions {Click the image for useful tips for teaching this skill}

Nice poetry anchor chart, but not sure I totally agree with the rhyme scheme marked on it. This goes really well with the close reading we are doing with poetry.

The Stranger-This is a close up view of an anchor chart where the teacher combined excerpts from the story with student questions. (Read blog for a detailed explanation for "how much our questions lead us to understanding who the stranger really is.")

This is from the book Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading. I just read this AMAZING book and fell in love with the strategies. I created these anchor charts for my classroom.

This anchor chart is a GREAT visual for your primary students. It assists in the development of the understanding of a "closer" reading strategy w...

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