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A staple in every girls' bathroom in school Notice the price 5 cents!!

Youngstown steel kitchen sink cabinet... from ADSAUSAGE - vintage advertising.

ADSAUSAGE - vintage advertising.

"Dinner on the grounds"...after church! Yummy!

October 30, 1938. Orson Welles and The War of the Worlds, a radio adaptation, was performed by Mercury Theatre on the Air as a Halloween special The live broadcast reportedly frightened many listeners into believing that an actual Martian invasion was in progress. It has been called the "single greatest unintentional hoax of all time", Newspapers reported widespread panic everwhere the broadcast was heard

Charles "Lucky" Luciano (1897 - 1962) Organized Crime Figure. One of the most famous of the New York City, New York crime figures, he was considered the first head of the modern Genovese Organized Crime Family.

Cassette tape and pencil

Jim Hall's blog: How technology has changed

The Weekly Reader. Looked forward to these as a child

Plastic coffee mugs with disposable, cone-shaped liners. :) This was our coffee cups in 1961 when I went to work at the plant. Ray

icebox have one at the house in Stuart it was my grandmothers and still works want to bring it up to my new house - I am retro-ing the kitchen with white cabinets, other white and black enamel items, table cabinet, rolling cart trying to decide on right type of drawer and cabinet pulls

Windmill Cookies We can still get this now and then and when the store gets them in they do not last long.

Kitchen Daily: Recipes and Cooking Inspiration

This was Pa Young's favorite drink when I was a kid. Ray

During the war in the 1940s you were encouraged to mend your clothes as everything was rationed...interesting.


monopoly game - Yahoo Image Search Results

enamel!!!! Was sure good to have around during the winter at 2 am in the morning. Much better than the path to the outhouse when I was a young kid on the farm. Ray

Cans where you needed a 'key' that was attached to the bottom to open it.

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