Students toss a button/whatever in a cup, come up with a word that starts with that, then adds it to the group chart. Can be used with initial sounds or blends!

Toss and Blend: A Carnival Game

Beginning of the Year Math Games - Second Grade Style

Second Grade Style: Math Games for the New School Year

money game - Hot glue some coins to about 20 popsicle sticks. Write "Kaboom" on about 5 sticks. Kids play in groups of 2-4. When it's your turn, you pull out a stick. You add the coin values and tell the amount. If your partner or group members agree with you, you get to keep the stick. If you pull a Kaboom stick you have to put all of your sticks back in the cup. This for reading fast phrases too

Second Grade Style: Money, Money, Money

FREEBIE! One page, coin study sheet with realistic, dual-sided pictures of each coin, coin values, and a chant!

Coin Study Guide

Drop and Read game for practicing short vowels (drop a coin or other object onto the game board and read the word)

Short Vowel cvc Words Game Boards

15 things to do to help kids listen

15 Ways to Get Kids to Listen. -

Oh how I wish I saw this 17 years ago. What a keepsake!

A baby will make... :)

Roots: Love, Life and a Growing Family: Time to Tell Daddy!

15 Unexpected Ways to Play with LEGOs {other than building w/ 'em :)}

15 Unexpected Ways to Use LEGOs | Spoonful

Backyard campout ideas. May do this for Tyler's birthday this year!

Backyard Camp Out Activities & Crafts

its what we are programmed to do, and if we can't tell us then it will DEEPLY affect us, whether we know how to tell you or not.

Tumblr Collection of #quotes, love quotes, best life quotes, quotations, cute life quote, and sad life #quote. You can see it in Curiano Quotes Life. Visit it here

It just makes me die metaphorically every time I watch this movie ♥

Just A Common Man

I have to remember this if we ever have kids who decide to break curfew... haha

Funny Society: Funny Quotes The Leading Funny Society Site on the Net

I have actually had this pinned to my fridge for a number of years, given to me by a friend. Came from Parents magazine.

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