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High Middle Ages

The High Middle Ages was the period of European history around the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries (c. 1001–1300).

Physicians at work, late 12c. British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts

Medieval stairwell in Kenilworth Castle that was built in 1120s, and got a great historic period until the 19th century. It was the subject of the 6-month long Siege of Kenilworth in 1266, believed to be the longest siege in English history, and formed a base for Lancastrian operations in the War of the Roses. It was also the scene of the removal of Edward II from the English throne, the French insult to Henry V in 1414, and the Earl of Leicester's lavish reception of Elizabeth I in 1575.

«Where a Lady with a Dog and a Man with a Falcon...», French embroidered purse, 1170-90 (Musée municipal Alfred-Bonno, Chelles, Seine-et-Marne) -- Silk threads on linen.

Aumônières, otherwise known as alms purses - La cotte simple

Crusades / Medieval Europe, c. 1198 - 1375 AD. Fantastic and large bronze long-bow arrowhead found in Armenia. Still very sharp!

Ancient Resource: Medieval Weapons & Armor for Sale

Textile with birds and horned quadrupeds flanking a tree of life Object Name: Fragment Date: 11th–12th century Geography: Iran

More from the Admont bible, Salzberg early 12th C, (Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Wien. Cod. ser. nov. 2701 and 2 pages in École Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris. PC 22788)

Teffania's Stuff: 12thC austrian manuscripts

Ivory reliquary made in Cologne around 1200, carved with Old Testament figures on the lid and New Testament figures connected with the Nativity on the front panel.

Gerald of Wales, Giraldis Cambrensis, Gerald the Welshman, Gerald the Marcher - his many names reflect the long and multi-faceted career of one of the most fascinating figures of the Middle Ages.

Gerald of Wales: A Voice of the Middle Ages

A fine and rare Seljuk silver and gold ring set with a deep purple stone seal bearing the name of Ali Ibn Yusuf, Persia, 12th century

Lot | Sotheby's

Blanche of Navarre (1177-1229) younger sister of Berengaria, who married Richard I of England, was Countess-consort of Champagne, then Regent of Champagne, and finally also regent of her native kingdom of Navarre. She was the youngest daughter of Sancho VI of Navarre (d. 1194) and Sancha of Castile (d. 1179). Her brother, Sancho VII of Navarre, succeeded their father as King of Navarre. Her brother, Ramiro of Navarre, was Bishop of Pamplona.

Israeli archaeologists have restored a 2,000-bed Crusader-era hospital in the Old City of Jerusalem. Dating to the 11th century, the hospital was operated by members of the order dedicated to St. John the Baptist and known as the Knights Hospitallers, precursors to the Rome-based Knights of Malta. The Hospitallers treated pilgrims of all faiths making their way to Jerusalem, according to historical documents. (CNS photo/Yoli Shwartz, courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority) America's oldest Catholic newspaper

Bowl Depicting Ladies on Horseback 12th-13th century Artist Unknown (Persia (Iran), Asia) Earthenware with overglaze polychrome colo...

Minneapolis Institute of Arts - The Collection

See the home of the Knights Templar. Temple Church was constructed in the 12th century by the Knights Templar – a powerful order of crusading monks made famous by Dan Brown in The Da Vinci Code. The building was originally used for Templar initiation ceremonies, and today, visitors can see marble effigies of medieval knights buried on the grounds.

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Edmund Blair Leighton - Abelard and his Pupil Heloise

Galeria 2: Edmund Blair-Leighton

Conservator-craftsmen working on a Chair from Hereford Cathedral, reported to have been used in 1138 by King Stephen.

Dundrum Castle, Dundrum, Co Down Located on a wooded hill north-west of Dundrum village, Dundrum Castle was built as part of John de Courcy’s coastal defenses after he invaded Ulster. It is believed to have been built in, or around 1177, and controls access to Lecale as well as dominating Dundrum Bay. Its purpose was to guard the land routes from Drogheda via Greencastle to Downpatrick.

Historical map of Europe in the year 1200 AD

Euratlas Periodis Web - Map of Europe in Year 1200

Hildegard von Bingen. She was a nun who produced major works of theology and visionary writings. She is one of the few identifiable female artists of the medieval period, and the only known composer of Gregorian chant. She ran her own convent, and published several books about natural history and science.

12th century harness pendant, probably for a breastband

Belt ends, 11th to 12th centuries. Novgorod

Novgorod Metal Artifacts