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Art projects for 2-3 year olds

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Art projects for 2-3 year olds

  • 37 Pins

Tie Dying with toddlers - totally finished project. This is a different shirt then the wet one in the other photo.

Tie Dying with toddlers - this is a finish project before it is left to settle for 24 hrs. Then we rinse and wash them.

Tie dying with toddlers - We try to encourage them to cover the white spots so they don't mix to many colors.

Tie dying with toddlers - getting started

Tie Dying with Toddlers - We soak the shirts in soda ash just like if you were using traditional tie dying. We work with 2 at a time and this is how we set it up.

Feeling Monster made by a 2 year old

Feeling Monsters made by 2 and 3 year olds

Love this project. They look great.

  • Molly Scott

    More info please!

  • Karen DiPasquale

    I searched for animal coloring pages online and had our CA cut them out. We used a glue stick to put them on watercolor paper had the toddlers paint the whole thing then pulled off the animal.

  • Molly Scott

    Love it! Did Barb approve?

Lemonade Slide Painting at Twodaloo- get your kiddos outdoors and moving with this process art activity- great for language building too!

Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt. Really want to do this on a canvas!

Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt | Preschool Art Activity
  • Sarah Belcher

    Any specific instructions, or just let them paint with it? I can see this getting really messy with 2-year-olds, especially without any direction.

  • Karen DiPasquale

    I haven't done this one yet but sometimes making a mess is what it's all about

snow paint - shaving cream and glue!

Butterfly sensory bags for preschoolers from Teach Preschool



One of our younger kids

One of our older kids

We used this guy for our inspiration


Still life drawings!

Great Valentine Card for toddlers to make! Bly just did a painting like this at school and she told me they did it from a toilet paper roll lol love it

Rust & Sunshine: Heart Stamps

Circle art in action.

Circle art

Circle art

A two year olds face.

Our school does self portraits twice a year. The toddler room starts out with precut head shapes and they add eyes, nose and mouth.