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Poppy is 24 yrs old from Bournemouth, England & is recognized by Guinness World Records as the worlds oldest cat. She was born in 1990 & is now deaf & blind but according to her owners she is still the boss of the house!

Internet celebrity & future Cat President Tara aka Hero Cat visited the Bakersfield Blaze (Class A affiliate of Reds) on Tues. to throw out the first pitch of the game. Tara rose to prominence when video of her rescuing a young boy from the clutches of a evil dog went viral online. The boy threw out a pitch, also. (5-20-15)

Internet sensation 'Hero Cat' throws out Minor League first pitch

CBS 's show The Bold and the Beautiful aired 3 episodes about animal abuse & pet population. Bob Barker appeared on one show & actors Scott Clifton (Liam) & Kim Matula (Hope) toured an animal rescue & shelter facility on another. The cat adopted for the show was in real life actually adopted by Scott Clifton & his wife, Nikki & was named Walter White.

Famous Cats: Don Gato Top Cat screenshot

Roadrunner, the Running Cat, is the cat of fitness trainer, Michael Greenblatt, of Ocean County, NJ & has run more than 20 courses with him.

Jean Paul Sartre & cat

Patricia Highsmith (author) & cat

Cleveland Armory & his cat

PoezenBoot Cat Boat Amsterdam

Felix - Macy's Thanksgiving Parade - the 1st big animal balloon - 1927

The Scottish Town of St. Andrews, Fife, raised $8K to build a statute to immortalize a cat named Hamish McHamish. He is still alive & roaming the streets. He has his own FB page, twitter account & Wikipedia profile.

Jarvis P. Weasley - Cross-eyed kitty rescued from roadside rises to Internet fame

Cross-eyed kitty rises to Internet fame

Saul Steinberg, artist, with a cat. He was noted for his New Yorker cat covers.

Chartwell Churchill Jock VI (resides at Winston Churchill's home, Chartwell, which is on the National Trust)

Peter Matthiessen -author & environmental activist

Staff Sgt Jesse Knott and Koshka Kitty Hero Cuddle

Yoshi & Gatsby - author Robert J. Smith's cats who appear in his Petectives mystery series

Rafael Vavasseur, French artist, with his cats: Kitcha, Doudou, Cocotte

Pepe le Pew and Penelope - Pepe le Pew wooing Penelope Pussycat