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Sacred Mothers

The baptism of Saint Dymphna. © Private collection

Saint Dymphna was the daughter of a pagan Irish king and his Christian wife in the 7th century AD. She was murdered by her father. St. Dymphna, patroness of those afflicted with mental and emotional illness

Mirabai Starr -- "God of Love" | Boulder Book Store - 11.8.12

Mirabai Starr -- "God of Love" | Boulder Book Store

The Showings of Julian of Norwich: A New Translation [NOOK Book] by Mirabai Starr

The Showings of Julian of Norwich: A New Translation

Teresa of Avila: The Book of My Life by Mirabai Starr. $11.83. Publisher: New Seeds (July 8, 2008). Save 34% Off!

The Interior Castle by Teresa of Avila, translated by Mirabai Starr

Mother of God Similar to Fire by Mirabai Starr. $16.00. Publication: September 15, 2010. Author: William Hart McNichols. Publisher: Orbis Books (September 15, 2010). 128 pages. Save 36% Off!

Goddes with upraised hands, from Shrine, Ierapetra, Crete

Figurine of a worshiper or a priestess from Myrsine, Crete, en face

Venus of Pazardzik ©fotoKarinHaanappel

De Venus van Pazardzik

Medicine Woman Me- means the magical power of fate, healing magic and medicine. Women were the first midwives and shamans, welcoming the newly arrived and preparing sacred rituals for the departed. The Medicine Woman holds the Moon in her hands. She trusts Divine Timing. She knows that all things that once were will be again. From: The Book of Goddesses by Nancy Blair

Goddess - Discussion

Prairie Sphinx Woman

Cailleach - Ancient Woman of Wisdom The ancient figure of the Cailleach, the Wise Woman or Crone, represents the wisdom that comes with age, and also is the dark or winter side of the Mother figure. She is surrounded by the bare trees of winter, bereft of leaves. Her cauldron is the cauldron of regeneration, for it is only by passing through the dark womb of winter that spring can be reborn

Available Light | Gallery I

The Spiral Goddess The spiral is one of the oldest and most widely acknowledged of the sacred symbols, representing the life force, the path in which energy moves and the creative power in each of us. Spiral Goddess Watercolor by thekreations

➰ through our primal connection with Gaia we are able to be consciously "present" and create in the world of form

Black Madonna--the religion of Jesus Christ is raceless, ageless, timeless, and classless.

Magickal Graphics - Black Madonna Graphics

Kaluga icon replica pics (link)

Russian Icons | Mother of God of Kaluga Icon | Silver and Enamel

Black Madonna of Einselden, Switzerland

Navajo Madonna - Paul Calle -

Paul Calle - Navajo Madonna -

Black Madonna

White Tara