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I remember....

Mousetrap game.

A Parallel World

I remember traveling with the family and seeing all of the Burma Shave signs, all of us kids would try to be the first to read the next sign as it appeared.

Poetry & Popular Culture: Burma-Shave signs

Poetry & Popular Culture: Burma-Shave Politics

Looking for four leaf clovers with my Great Aunt.

My father owned a block of property in a small town in Iowa. Underneath his yard laid the remains of an old school house. One day, we noticed hundreds of ants coming out of a big ant hill, carrying eggs, and in a straight line they carried them half a block, down a ditch, into a new ant hole. Then they went back to get more. There was not a break in the line. It was interesting to watch as our family sat outside talking.

Making and playing with cootie catchers. Why were they called cootie catchers???

My father had all of his kids, grandkids, great grandkids, nieces and nephews on his old tractor. In 2008 we sold his tractor like this. He used it up until the last couple years of his life. A lot of memories of him on it.

I have always thought Indian corn was something special to look at. A treat to the eyes.

listening to Andy Williams singing Moon River

TINIKLING in PE in high school. :-) It is a folkdance with sticks, imitating the movement of a bird called the Tikling. We would do the steps to song.

Mr. SickLer’s TINIKLING Page

Hurrying home from school to watch The Flintstones Cartoons on tv.

The Flintstones To Return in WWE-Themed Movie

Family campfires. The best part of vacations.

I used to have a couple of terrariums. It was the "in" things to have. They died. I changed to a cactus garden. :-)

Crayola box of 64. I was so happy to get this! It was the biggest you could get, and it had a sharpener!! Oh the little things that make a child happy!

Crayola - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia