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dream wedding

Infinity ring: GORGEOUS!! this ring is perfection!

This is a hilarious ring bearer idea. More weddings need to have fun like this. Laughter produces more fond memories than "safe" and "typical" formal/classical weddings.

really love this...

Found this on an inspirational website with lots of wedding ideas.

this is my ring(hopefully)! I'm in love! rose gold engagement ring with morganite stone!

The ring came in as pictured, lovely quality. I am completely satisfied with this ring, and I have had no problems. Even shipping happened faster than I expected. Overall this has been the one of the best buys I've made, an excellent deal on such a lovely piece of jewelry.

her finger print in his wedding band <3

A decadent red velvet throwback cake with ombré layers inside.

instead of streamers cut plastic table cloths into strips.