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I want my dogs painted as a portrait. Looking completely serious. Possibly in a business suit.

dog bath in the laundry room

My dog: the paradox (The Oatmeal). Except t love vegetables... ESP bok choy.

The Strong Leash Black now featured on Fab.

What am I doing here, Tennison? Quite simple, really. I own this drawer, like I own this company, and I will occupy whatever portion of the company I feel like, -whenever- I feel like, and unless you can find "explaining my actions to slackjawed, bungling account executives" somewhere on my C.V. I suggest you sit down at that desk I graciously allow you to have and stop wasting my time with your babble. If I wanted to be disappointed by your rambling, I'd call a sales meeting.

Black labs, being good.

Tiki - my go-to model dog for RD photo shoots.

Tiki and Pepper in Ocracoke.

Tiki, at work.

Tiki needs an upgrade!