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celtic symbol triskele tat design; the Celts believed that the most important things in life came in threes: birth, death, rebirth; body, mind, spirit; earth, water, sky; past, present, future; father, son, holy ghost; and the triskele is believed to represent these tripartite meanings. Some of the more current interpretations of the triskele are that it is a symbol for the cycles of life, personal growth, human development, and spiritual expansion.

triangle (outline, half filled, etc.) upsidedown VS. rightsideup Female Male Lunar Solar Yoni Lingam Shakti Shakta Passive Active Cave Mountain Down Up Mother Father

Good night, Posterous

Floral tattoo

Gallery & Inspiration | Picture - 1466186 - Style Me Pretty

lotus flower tattoo. A lotus to represent a new beginning, or a hard time in life that has been overcome.

90 Lotus Flower Tattoos

geometric tattoo inspiration

compass tattoo placement. Yes! Exactly what I was thinking.

I've always wanted a snowflake tattoo (perhaps in white ink, which would be quite fitting). Right in the center of my chest.

Lotus flower - Temporary tattoo - A symbol of beauty, purity and your quest to rise above the muddy waters. This lotus flower looks beautiful on the back of your neck or shoulder. #yoga #namaste #temporarytattoos

Lotus flower - Temporary tattoo |

More Baylen Levore (Asheville, NC Freaks N Geeks Tattoo Parlour)

CORRECTED: The 7 Chakras - from bottom to top: 1) feeling grounded [red] 2) acceptance of change and others [orange] 3) confidence [yellow] 4) love [green] 5) communication [blue] 6) wise decision making [indigo] 7) spirituality [pink]

Colorful Gemstones: Bismuth crystal - Fantastic!!

This would be the perfect tattoo to get to remember my dog by when he dies.

Dribbble - Paw + Heart by Jared Granger