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at least I'm nice about it like mom--"Here, let me help" I know it really means 'you're doing it all wrong', lol!

Repin it if you live it! This Tuesday Truth brought to you by our friends at USRider. Do you make excuses to go to the barn?

  • Carol Bates

    and so what book are you reading?

  • Karla Crowder

    reading a book by Lama Surya Das right now, just know that feeling :) how was 'a tale for the time being'? I'm thinking it will be my first kindle book, but I have a couple from the used book store I have to read first.

Hahaha poor bunny!

If I was nice, you would call me Grandma.

'Mom, we're bored!' Why don't you kids go play the Hunger Games...I'll see one of you later.

stitches? who needed stitches when Nanny had a box of bandaids and a pair of scissors :)