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Geek Out

My life as a Geek.

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"Nerdy on the Inside" wedding cake

Nerdy on the Inside Wedding Cake - When Geeks Wed

"do it again and I wont bring you any more tv shows" bless

pssh "Lab safety" - I WANT SUPERPOWERS

Screw Your Lab Safety | HUMAN

This is how you should go through life…

This is how you should go through life…

Howard Stark, the first Mythbuster.

How science works


A good argument breaker…

I think this is the best one yet...

I Bought This at a Muggle Shop! Muggles Wear Them!

Let me give you one tip, in 1973, I looked a lot like James McAvoy. X-Men: Days of Future Past [gag reel]



tardis. on Pinterest

Magneto magnet board. *Ded*

Galeria do Leitor - Outubro/13 - Homens da Casa

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Essential Geek Reads: Science Fiction Edition

One of my favorite lines in the whole movie.

Dc Bette Midler Photo Shared By Ekaterina39 | Fans Share Images

"Call it Slut and the Falcon! Make us solve crimes!"

Firefly reference in Dollhouse.

Dollhouse Official Thread - Page 3 - Forum - Summer Glau Wiki

Joss Whedon...doing it all before the rest of TV got around to it.


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35 Nerdy Cards Against Humanity Cards To Add To Your Deck

Dexter Disciples, Dexter Morgan Funny, Shows Movie, Movies Tv, Dexter Funny, Debra Morgan, Dexter 3, Deb Dexter, Funny Dexter

12 Badass Doses Of Reality From Debra Morgan

baby groot, guardians of the galaxy

The main similarity between THG and TFiOS according to tumblr. I actually found this on John Green's tumblr!

♥ Gorgeous

Twitter / Tobias_Tris46: The Mockingjay