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April Fools PRANKS

April fools! Pranks

  • Lara White

    Ahhhhhhhh. Perfect!!

  • Valarie Rogers

    Seems like water would continue leaking out of the glass. Am going to try this on my OCD-kitchen-cleaning-crazy husband. If the water leaks, I'll put rice or something in it. If I have to hear him fuss, I might as well instigate it on purpose for once.

  • Lisa Wojciechowski

    sounds hard to do but its comedy gold!

  • Valarie Rogers

    Bwwwaaaahaaahaaa! I got water EVERYwhere!!!!! All over the counter, in the silverware drawer, all over the pots-n-pans, all OVER the floor! Hahaaha! I'm not a very good pranker.

  • Troy Kendall

    Lol just did this to my mom

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Haha best prank ever but soooo mean!

The Perfect Prank
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