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Find method of getting jello into egg and head away from wall Amazing April Fool joke

I have to remember this. April fools!

Oh, I found a dollar! April Fools prank!

Oh, I found a dollar!

April fools

Mouse troll... - The Meta Picture

April Fools Pranks- Drinking Glue

April Fools Day Prank Ideas � 30 Pics

April Fools Day Prank Ideas - 30 Pics

April fools! Pranks

  • Lara White

    Ahhhhhhhh. Perfect!!

  • Valarie Rogers

    Seems like water would continue leaking out of the glass. Am going to try this on my OCD-kitchen-cleaning-crazy husband. If the water leaks, I'll put rice or something in it. If I have to hear him fuss, I might as well instigate it on purpose for once.

  • Lisa Wojciechowski

    sounds hard to do but its comedy gold!

  • Valarie Rogers

    Bwwwaaaahaaahaaa! I got water EVERYwhere!!!!! All over the counter, in the silverware drawer, all over the pots-n-pans, all OVER the floor! Hahaaha! I'm not a very good pranker.

  • Troy Kendall

    Lol just did this to my mom

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April Fools Day Prank. Lol I'm doing this.

office april fool’s day pranks : theCHIVE

a there is a leak in the bathroom

a there is a leak in the bathroom - Dump A Day

Haha best prank ever but soooo mean!

The Perfect Prank
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Hahaaa! That is a good one!!!!

  • Emily Murphy

    That's so creepster

  • Jules

    Have to wonder if that idiot actually made it to the altar after a stunt like that.

good prank idea

That's so evil.

I am so gonna mess with the house keepers at work with this one.

April fools turd

Creepiest prank ever…

Creepiest prank ever…

THIS IS PERFECT ... Tell me that you didn't just laugh :) I am still chuckling picturing the kids' faces!

Funny Pictures - 49 Pics

10 Easy Pranks To Do For April Fools Day

  • Tricia Short

    That's awesome!!!

  • Sammie Hrabe

    Try doing whipped creme in the victim's shoes.

  • Alyssa Tanner

    The best prank I've ever done in my life: Left a note casually on a table titled "Pranks to Pull" and watching my brother spend the entire day trying to find and disable all the nonexistent pranks.

  • Kathy Westaby

    GREAT Idea Alyssa...That 'would' drive a person crazy, lol...!

  • Carolyn Ogle

    enything for 7 year olds