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You don't need permission to take care of yourself. Listen to your gut & do what's right for YOU.

You're right. People do lie, and cheat, and stab you in the back. There will be people who use you, and don't love you even though they say they do. But you can't let that stop you from living. Because there are people out there who do love, and would never hurt you. You have to find those people and keep them in your life forever.

This is one of those quotes that confuse me. Either everybody needs everybody or nobody needs anybody if this quote was acted on.

I sure hope this is true. I can't take much more bad.

Your lies & leading me on have destroyed all the happy memories I once had of you. I feel like everything was a lie I was a sucker to

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It's better to end something and start another than imprison yourself in hoping for the impossible

you can say sorry a million times, say i love you as much as you want, say whatever you want, whenever you want. but if you're not going to prove that the thing you say are true, then don't say anything at all. because if you can't show it, your words don't mean a thing

Positive Motivation...this isn't hard...just do it.

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"There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won't anymore, and who always will. And in the end you learn who is fake, who is true and who would risk it all for you."