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Rubber Duck Theme Baby Shower

This board contains pins of ideas I liked for throwing a friend's rubber duck themed baby shower, along with pins of things that I ended up doing at her shower=)!

Gift Table - We had a row of stuffed animal ducks for a cute display and for the kiddos to play with:).

Duck Shower - Games...we played "duck toss" with a stuffed duck to the "chicken dance" & when music stopped, person with duck was out. We also played "The Passing Game" where we came up with questions related to family/pregnancy such as person in the room with the most siblings/person in room who has had most kids/etc., and first person to fit question gets the prize for that round, last question/prize was for the newest mom in the room:).

Diaper cake. Stuffed duck can be found at Wal-Mart.

  • Marlyn Mury

    I want to make this diaper cake. How do I get instructions.

  • Kasie I.

    Marlyn - this link was for buying that diaper cake, but I'm sure if you type in diaper cake tutorial on a Pinterest or google search you'll find a good set of directions and be able to make a similar one;)! Good luck!!

  • Marlyn Mury

    Thanks for the advice

Duck Feed - duck theme baby shower party favor...goldfish crackers in a baggie (added blue wave paper behind the goldfish to look like water...folded paper label over top & tape or staple it)

Baby Shower Game - played like a "Toss-Up Puzzle" on Wheel-of-Fortune...reveal one letter at a time until someone guesses the phrase. I LOVE this simple/fast game. This phrase said "Girl or Boy, You'll Bring Much Joy!" as she didn't know what she was having. The letters are under the duck's wings on this. I made it using pictures of a duck I found online & cut-out/scrapbook paper/lots of tape. This game could easily be used at a bridal shower or birthday party & can be made to match ANY theme!

duck ribbon at Wal-Mart: cute to use in wrapping game prizes/to tie off favor bags/etc.!

Walmart: Berwick Offray Duck with Bubble

love the "Take Your Best Quack At It" & "Waddle It Be" lines

  • Heathyr Harkless

    Sorry...this was on my feed... swear I didin't click on it but OMG!!! The wording is SOOO cute...I freaking LOVE this!!!!!!!!

  • Kasie I.

    @Heathyr Harkless - why are you still following my duck board?!?!?! You can follow it AFTER June 9th ; )!!!!! & I LOVE THIS TOO=)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emmi Lee

    where do you find these sayings?

  • Kasie I.

    Emmi - if you click on the picture it is linked to the blog that this picture is from:).

  • Emmi Lee

    Ok thanks

I used the Pinterest punch idea and put it in this Rubber Duck bathtub for a baby shower. The Mommy to be also got a neat little gift!

arent these the cutest? Chicken salad croissants for the baby shower with rubber duck toothpicks