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All you need to know about baby hair. Will it stay the same colour, texture and as curly? Will it all fall out? Will it grow back thicker? What is craddle cap?

All about baby hair - babyworld

Books for daughters that are about brave girls rather than just princesses

101 Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

Day/Night Confusion. How to get your baby sleeping in the night instead of in the day.

Chronicles of a Babywise Mom: Day/Night Confusion

Bad News Babes! Please Lord let this be the name of my daughters softball team at some point in her life when she plays!!!

House of Ginger

This dress is sooo pretty! ❤ My daughter isn't even born yet & I know that she would look just stunning, as a young lady, in this dress!

So cute! I love this idea for Ally when she gets older! Her similar pink & white trimmed dresser will probably be overload eventually!

Step by Step: How to Make Babylegs {from socks} #baby #diy

All about wraps. This is really one page that has everything you need to know.

how to make your own baby carrier with 3 tshirts- genius!  - keep calm and carry them! - YouTube no sewing

Baby Girl, Girls Bodysuit, Lock Up Your Sons, Baby Girl Set, Baby Girl Clothes, Cute Baby Girl on Etsy, $19.99

You'll be her first role model, her first friend, her first love. You are her mom and she is your whole world. She is your little girl. #quotes #moms

This princess wears cleats Soccer or Softball Hoodie Sweatshirt for Lauren!

Rubber Bands - genius for a sleeping baby! Seriously... Why has this never occurred to me???

I know a good dad when I see one!

This little stool is mine. I use it all the time. To reach fun things I couldn't, And lots of things I shouldn't.

sarah m. dorsey designs: Anthropologie Inspired Draperies Complete!

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at