Dorm room :) LOVE this idea! shows that you can balance the canopy with other things on the wall!

Colorful Workout Room Interior Design Ideas

2nd shower curtain rod used to hang caddies full of toiletries

How to Decorate and Furnish Your Apartment on a Budget: From Budgeting to Shopping, Your Idea Source for Transforming Your Apartment into a Beautiful Home $10.97

Special room in the attic for rainy days and starry nights... WANT!

Create a shady retreat Like humans, dogs enjoy basking in the sun. So by all means, give them a deck or a patch of lawn for sunbathing. But remember that dogs can overheat easily, so it's even more important to provide them with cooling retreats. Here, four retrievers (liko, Lexi, Andy and Morgan) enjoy resting under an arbor in Oceanside, Calif.