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Handbuilt Pottery by Jim Irvine

Stoneware Pottery

Burke Pottery 3-4. Portrait Bust. Alter Ego. 2014

butterflies made from recycled plastic

Beautiful Butterflies from recycled plastic

Mini Cupcake With Blue Fondant Rose Recycled Cardboard Sculpture Home Decorative Cardboard Cupcake

Victorian Dessert Tray, by Patianne Stevenson

Victorian Dessert Tray, by Patianne Stevenson

5 toilet paper tube flowers

what to do with that left over clay! Great kid project!

Jujumade Blog: unique LA event

Cardboard Sculptures - We are ...Team Semifero

Cardboard Sculptures

Masking tape shoes. May not be economical for public school but with modifications.....????

art project | WVartist's Weblog

Ceramic Shoes-examples of ceramic shoes created by middle school students. Nice realistic sculpture option for students. The way the leather or canvas on shoes lies creates a unique opportunity to sculpt from life. An everyday object which every student takes for granted looking at closely. Shoes can often be an important part of the wardrobe for the average middle school student.

Ceramic Shoes » Freckle PhotoBlog

animal trophies. Each student create their own armature out of newspaper and masking tape. Two layers of paper mache later, we had some funky animal trophies. Our final coat of paper was either sheet music, scrapbook paper or tissue paper. We applied an acrylic glaze on top to seal all the paper layers

Art at Becker Middle School

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Atelier Stella. little succulent pot by Stella Baggott How could I incorporate plants into pinch pots with my 1st graders like this idea?

small, colorful, handbuilt, carved, stamped, painted and stained vessels