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Extraordinary Women of Style, Substance, Passion, Vision, Talent . . .

Today and from the past. This board began simply as ladies of style, but I couldn't resist expanding to women who seemed to have a veracious need for independence and the desire to go beyond limits!

Barbara Stanwyck, great actress always stylish.

Artist/bohemian Beatrice Wood. Interesting biography, her most productive years were from age 80 until her death at 105."

Oh Louise! Didn't realize how sexy she was until I saw this photo—

Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun, recognized as the most famous woman painter of the 18th century

The great actress Vanessa Redgrave as Isadora Duncan, from the film "Isadora."

Dorothy Dell, vamping in a hat!

Evan Burrows Fontaine, with hair as fashion statement.

Linda McCarthy with Paul. Although she grew up rich, she left a legacy of progressive causes including vegetarianism and kindness to animals. So sad that she died so young. Thankfully, her daughter Stella follows in her footsteps.

Vanessa Redgrave again: I adored her in Julia, but my favorite role of hers was as Ruth Wilcox in Howards End.

A "Gibson Girl", Evelyn Nesbit, chorus girl, artists model and style icon of the early 20th century.

Ruth St Denis, famous dancer, with Ted Shawn in the early 1900s

Myrna Loy, way before the Thin Man.

The Ultimate Redhead, and one of the greatest comedienes ever—Lucille Ball, 1950

Uschi Obermaier -- smart, hippie, actress, model, lover of Mic and Kieth -- you can watch the movie about her -- Eight Mile High-- on Netflix

Dancer/Actress Ginger Rogers -- she did everything that Fred did only in high heels and backwards--

Simone de Beauvoir in Paris, 1957. Author of The Second Sex, she was one of the first "feminists."

Bette Davis--oh those eyes . . . and a tough cookie who knew what she wanted--