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"King of Living Rooms": Cool Doritos ad campaign

Life cycle of a star: I'm teaching space right now. It's truly high-interest for EVERYONE.

Cape Town: Beautiful skyline.

  • Sarah Stroven

    I have to find out if this is a picture from signal hill. there in '99--most beatiful place I've ever been

Penguin soccer: Sea creature paradise has sports?

"Fogbow": Like a rainbow-- but it's actually fog. If skittles are at the end of the rainbow, what's at the end of the fogbow? My guess is a milky way.

"Reaching for a Star": OK, so it's not really current events, but I will miss the amazing murals here in Philadelphia.

The Murals of Philadelphia - Photo Essays
  • Nelly Arnold

    The most murals in the world! Over 3500! This is one of my favorites.

Selfridge's window display: (With the designer inside)

Soccer field floods in Brazil: from TIME's "pictures of the week"

Lens- Preparing for a visit from the Dali Lama: "Lens" is the photo blog of the New York Times. Easy to miss on the homepage, but I am an avid follower. The dozen or so pictures for each day are an awesome window into what's happening globally.