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Much More than Numbers- Kindergarten Math

How to teach patterns - Kindergarten I definitely need to make more use of my pocket display.

I Have... Who Has with 2D and 3D shapes.

I Have, Who Has...Shapes

Snag this addition freebie! "Build it" cards have students practicing addition within 20 and showing their answers.

Change a connect four game into a "make Ten" game great for practicing addition! You could even do this to make a dollar using different coins.

Patterning provocation - Can you make a pattern?

Thinking and Learning in Room 122

Inspirational Teaching Videos: Covering Common Core, Math, Science, English And More

Inspirational Teaching Videos: Covering Common Core, Math, Science, English And More

Making 10 worksheets and math centers - practicing how many more to 10

First Grade Math Unit 3

Word Problems

Here's a checklist for students to help them remember steps in solving a word problem.

Multiplication word problems anchor chart

How to solve word problems Anchor Chart

STAAR Math Anchor Chart @Melissa Squires Squires Squires Squires Harris - I like how simple this is with the large boxes and the colors....maybe I could make something like this to go along with my word problem ninja stuff....unless 6th graders are too cool for that? hmmm....

Necklaces with 100 bead - counting by tens.

Here are three different game boards for mastering fives and tens. Students take turns covering pairs of digits that add to 5 or 10 along a “snake” of numbers. When all the digits are covered – each player using his or her own colored counters – the winner is the one with the longest string of digits in their color.

Five Frame Game *could use transparencies to make it so kids can put them together to actually see it turn to 5

Addition Concentration Game ~ One of my students' favorite ways to practice math facts!

Swiper steals some numbers from the 100 chart each evening after the students go home. The next morning students figure out what numbers he swiped. Cute idea!