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This could be one of those "You're doing it wrong!" pictures. Seriously, who would do this?

So, so many questions. The first - How does one decide on this hairstyle? The second - how does one explain to his/her hairstylist this is what his/her hair should look like at the end?.. my answer would be "i would like the poodle look please" Party on top, business in the middle and party again on the bottom.

I do NOT want an upgrade. Ha

I bet she got that awesome idea on Pinterest.

The classiest way to hold your cigarettes

He's trying a different approach for his real estate headshots.

  • Tygar McCutcheon

    I have seen this before, and I nearly fell out of my seat in laughter ... and again when I saw it this time. Thanks for that good part of my day!! :-)

People who are struck by lightning are sometimes left with tattoo-like markings called Lichtenberg figures or lightning flowers. This guy was out tending to his garden when he was struck and left tattooed, Potter-like.

It is not okay for your shoes to look at you