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This is really cool! American Miniature Jersey. It only grows to about 3 or 3 1/2 feet tall and provides enough milk for a family. Need one ASAP

All the Apostles and stories of how the met their wives! This is SUCH a cute website! This picture is of Dieter F. Uchdorf and his wife, Harriet. These stories are so cute!

Valentine's day card I am gonna bum some ideas off of to make for him. =)

Baby Highland Cow, Scotland.

a baby giraffe...I think I'm gonna die

get photos of your daughter wearing your wedding dress

Welcome Home Elder Slyvester - One of my favrotires! :)

Motivation Quote - Thought about quitting, then I noticed who was watching

Asked Nancy I'd shed make this, I might need to ask grandma handy.

A lion and a miniature sausage dog have formed an unlikely friendship after the little dog took the king of the jungle under his wing as a cub. Bonedigger, a five-year old male lion, and Milo, a seven-year old Dachshund, are so close that Milo helps the lion clean his teeth after dinner. The 500lbs lion dwarfs little Milo, yet after the dog took the disabled lion into his protection as a cub, Bonedigger has rarely left his side

Judy is the friend who first taught me to capture dandelion wishes in a jar. These wishes just wait on a shelf or kitchen counter until a sad child needs some love and encouragement. Then, it is off with the cap, eyes squinched closed for a wish, and a big huff. This cheers children any time theyre sad–and it makes me happy just to see the dandelion puffs resting in wait.

Well said and all of it is so true...

100 Photos to Inspire Your Holiday Cards