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Places I’ve been and want to go again!

I have been to these places--love to travel--and would like to go again.

Hitachi Seaside Park | Ibaraki, Japan--Not been, but how totally gorgeous---and pink!

west coast - WA---Ruby Beach State Park--outside of Forks, WA--before Forks became famous. Been there!

Very cool and thriving downtown area--Really want to go back--hopefully soon. Worked at Dolly Madison Hosp.

University of Virginia in Charlottesville--We were there slightly over a month.

More Gainesville FL--Live oak trees dripping with Spanish Moss!

Clearwater FL--A most beautiful beach!

This mansion is in West Palm Beach. We went to West Palm at least once a month--to eat and shop. Clewiston was so tiny!!

West Palm Waterfront Mansion picture in West Palm Beach

One the many mansions along Highway 1 on the coast of Palm Beach.

My first visitor in Clewiston. He was a young, small, and beautifully colored. I wanted to keep him--he was on our porch, but he is on the endangered species list. TJ took him out in the glades and turned him loose.

Clewiston FL--I was there for a year the first time and 6 months the second time. Alice Tigertail taught me to bead and make jewelry--She was Eric Green's Step-mother--she raised him from age two. He went on to win a football scholarship to Virgina Tech--and was drafted in the NFL to AZ after he graduated. The story was more involved--but those are the facts. I listened to the draft--first time for me. I whooped and hollered! I was so happy for him--and Alice--she made so many sacrifices for him.

Deland FL--I was here for 9 months--I worked 10 miles away in Orange City. Deland is a small laid back town with lovely weather and located only 25 miles from Daytona Beach. Not as pretty as NC beaches, but I loved going there. Every Saturday we went to this huge indoor flea market and bought fresh veggies and fruit.

  • Jennifer Sakaris

    I love DeLand - its where my son made his home for several years - I loved the energy on his farm - the big live oaks with the Spanish moss! Beautiful!

Fairfield Harbor--Where I lived in New Bern. A beautiful place!

The bridges reach skyward; it is not unusual to see gulls flying by the cars--fabulous feeling! (New Bern)

"Old Vegas"--They have a cool light show at night! Binions

Las Vegas :: Default

I hit so many jackpots one night--nickels,quarters--started in the Riviera--but didn't end there. Continued on at the New Orleans. Trailing home at 4AM. Slept all day. So much fun!

We were in Vegas for Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years. On New Years Eve we were on the street with the crowds--at 0300, we went to eat at the Golden Nugget--Stayed for at least an hour or longer--first time we had sat down all evening! We saw the sun rise and it was 8AM before we headed for home!