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.Stampin' Up! Card

Challenge und Babyzeit

great way of assigning partners

A New Way to Introduce the Color Wheel | The Art of Ed

Dollar store bags wrapped around canvas. Add letters and you have great art!

great way of assigning partners

A New Way to Introduce the Color Wheel | The Art of Ed

This free Native American Lap Book contains 9 interactive organizers. Topics include the following: * Native American Territories Map * Native American Homes - Staggered Flip Book * Matching Activity – Native American Foods * Famous Native Americans – Flip Organizer * Artifacts – Accordion Fold * Native American Clothing – Mini Book * Native American Villages – Book * Regions – Diamond Fold * Recreation/Games - ¾ Fold

Free Native American Lap Book

Need an idea to end the day? The End of the Day Jar has 24 questions to ask students to get them talking about their school day. This helps build community in the classroom. You can call on students to answer the questions or have them talk with a buddy.

For kids who are easily distracted or overwhelmed by amount of work... mind. blown. This has worked with my most distracted kiddo!! I am SO glad I found this!!

Orange You Glad it's Summer {Gift Idea!}

Teaching To Inspire In 5th: Interactive Math Notebooks ~ Foldables!!!

5 GREAT Equivalent Fractions worksheets.

Using Legos to find additive volume. Kids work in groups. Lots of discussion as well as math. 5th Grade CCSS Math standards.

A Way to Organize Worksheets for Each Student so that each one gets the worksheets at their level - easily and efficiently. www.evilmathwizar...

Photographs to show what the supplies should look like when put away! I don't care how old kids are…they need this!

I love this idea! - "These shout out pages allow students to share positive statements or compliments about their classmates in an anonymous way."

Use speech bubbles on famous paintings to get students thinking/writing

FREE! This sheet can be used as a reference for kids to use when stuck for something to write about, a fast finisher activity, or a first week of school activity!