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deborah lloyd's inspiration

inspiration and curiosities from our president and chief creative officer

john rawlings' photograph for vogue, 1943. (july 2014)

The best of twentieth century fashion photography - Telegraph

lisa fonssagrives-penn, circa 1950, by irving penn. (july 2014)

Phillips de Pury & Company

irving penn's pink and red rose. penn shot a series of flowers for vogue every christmas from 1967 through 1973, and then for himself many years after. he wrote in the introduction to this book, flowers, in 1987 about his preference for "flowers considerably after they have passed that point of perfection..." they are indeed beautiful. (july 2014)

love the colors, the tailoring and of course the rose applique—photographed by john rawlings for the cover of vogue in 1944. (july 2014)

layers of paint and layers of time—like a watercolor painting. (june 2014)

Havana - 1999-2002 - Michael Eastman

robert polidori's beautiful photos of havana. (june 2014)

Photos from the Archive: Robert Polidori’s Havana

like traveling back in time: an old car, in old havana. (june 2014)

Steve McCurry - RUSSIAN CAR IN OLD HAVANA, CUBA, 2010 at 1stdibs
  • Nathalie F.

    Those classic cars, though beautiful to look at, point to years of stifled development, as does the beautiful old architecture. Look closely and you'll see the years of urban disrepair.

cuban cigar boxes. (june 2014)

Don Pepin Garcia « « Page 4

irresistible. (june 2014)

Picture of Buena Vista Social Club

a glimpse at havana, one of the most architecturally diverse cities in the world. (june 2014)

Havana - 2010 - Michael Eastman

rio has a spirit unlike any other city in the world. (may 2014)

sunny days by the pool. (may 2014)

Brazilian Beach House - Houses/Hotels/Boats

all you need in rio is a beach cabana, a printed dress, a straw hat and a refreshing drink. (may 2014)

brazil's toucans, with their tuxedo-like feathers and pop of color, always seem dressed for an occasion. (may 2014)

The Big Picture: reader travel photos, October 12, 2013
  • munan wang

    it looks like a actively bird in the movie"Rio".I remembered that his wife fasinated in singing but with a poor voice.So funny!

we're off to the colorful, tropical land of rio. (may 2014)

Toucan, Bird, Rio, Travel, Vintage Poster

the 1966 film "grand prix" is such a thrill—it's like you're in the race with the drivers. and who wouldn't want to be in a car with james garner? (april 2014)

franchise hardy preferring the driver's seat during the filming of grand prix. (april 2014)

glamorous cars call for equally glamorous outfits to drive them in. (april 2014)

high energy, high speed—the thrill of watching the grand prix. photo by patrick lichfield. (april 2014.)

nina rindt keeping time at the grand prix in 1969 (april 2014)