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A piece by Jennifer Howard in the Times Literary Supplement: Dilemmas of the Digital Humanists

Interesting case: Authors Guild asks Judge to Ignore the Digital Humanities | Matthew Sag

Interesting blog post, though I'm with Dan Cohen in his tweet about it...skip 1 and 2 and go straight to #3! I’m an academic and desperately need an online presence, where do I start? | Impact of Social Sciences

Great blog by Gideon Burton referred to in the comments of my last post

Infographic: A Design History Of The Olympic Gold Medal

Are you a two percenter?

We found 25 individuals and general fact-toting Twitter accounts that will increase your scope of knowledge.

A measure of the quantity of Wikipedia articles associated with a place

Psychology of Social Networking infographic

News: CHNM Launches Online Digital Humanities Journal : sideeffacts

A Teacher's Guide to Social Media

Topic Modeling for Humanists: A Guided Tour