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Love OPI Nail Polish! This color is a good one if you like more the lighter color.

WOOOW Usually I will go in a stand up twice a week and that keeps me pretty bronzed, but when I tried black storm, it got me even darker, and it feels great on my skin. and for this price, you can't beat it. I payed 75 at the salon, and I bought 2 bottles on here for the same price. A+ product $13.58

This is perfect for one's hair, smells great and two or three drops is all it takes. The sales success of this Moroccan Oil for hair (made in Israel) is well justified. Our whole household uses it and it lasts because you don't use much per application. $37

Five stars for the product because it really works well, but be aware that it comes in a plastic bag. No jar..just a double wrapped sheet of plastic. You need to have some kind of container to put it into once it's been opened so it stays fresh. $11.50

I use this product everyday. I do not use shampoo on my hair because it's too drying and not really necessary. Use a small amount, about a teaspoon. Apply to hair when you first get into the shower, and rinse just before you get out. $55

Even the previous reviews don't do justice to these earrings. I believe this is truly the best "deal" I've ever gotten. The earrings are absolutely beautiful - well cut, well set. The colors are vibrant, and identical to the photo. One reviewer thought the garnet too dark, but it's really a beautiful garnet - deep red without being "black" like so many cheaper garnets. When you consider that you're paying less than $10/pair the quality is astounding.

I recently started using this product based on my dermatologist's recommendation. The cleanser is great and cleans and hydrates my skin. I have rosacea and my skin tends to be extremely dry, but since using these products, I find my skin is very well hydrated and does not irritate my rosacea. $13.75

Obaji tretinion .1% is a wonderful product. My skin discolorations faded very quickly. Recommend that product used sparingly to avoid flaky, red skin. This product is better than any other product for sun spots, wrinkles and pimples then any other and I have tried many. Definitely recommend!!!

I bought these for my mother as a present. They match exactly a Swiss blue topaz pendant in white gold that she has. My mother loved the present.

Got this as an aniversay present for my mom. Be realistic and look at the size, don't expect big earings, THEY ARE SMALL! 0.21 in x 0.21 in (5.33 mm x 5.33mm). That being said they are very nice, they look very good, my mom just love them.

Frye really know how to make a boot, I love these

These high quality well made earrings are smaller than a dime. The stones continue on the bottom of the earrings, but there are not stones inside the back (in other words they are not an inside/out design). Instead there is a nice scroll design on the backside of the loop.

I've struggled with my 4 year old's eczema for most of his life. My pediatrian finally recommended this lotion. After only a few aplications his skin is clear, softer and smoother then it has been ever. It absorbs quickly and leaves no stickness and has next to no fragrance so he doesn't mind being slathered up. I only use it after his bath a couple of times a week and his skin has stayed clear and smooth. $15.27

This lotion goes on warm and has a nice smell to it, and allows for a darker tan - so if you want to try a tanning lotion with a little kick and you don't want to pay full price for it at the salon, this is the one for you. $25

I have been looking at this item for a long time. Recently I noticed that they offered a $150 savings off the regular price so I jumped on it. I still cannot take it out of the box. It is beyond beautiful for this price. I have a three stone diamond ring that it fits with perfectly and my hand looks like a million bucks with the two rings. But even alone this is a stunner. I am crazy for black diamonds and this did not disappoint. Thank you once again!

These earrings are a great value for the price. They also come in a cute bag, in a box. Perfect for a gift. They are bigger then I expected. I bought them for my 10-year old niece, and I think they are a little old for her.

It's hard to review jewelry so I'll just say it's very pretty. The gems are on the small size. 3 carats spread across 6 stones gives you some relatively small stones. Still very much worth the price.

I love that this product is organic, but the shampoo and conditioner don't go as far as I would like them to go. I try to wash my hair as little as possible, and I find it harder to do that with this product. I would definitely buy this over any non-organic shampoo and conditioner, though. $38

I love this stuff. I ran out and tried something else that was more inexpensive, but it's not even remotely as good as this. My skin looks and feels amazing every time I use it. Works wonderfully on blackheads. $21.59

I wore this last spring and summer and got a lot of compliments, even from strangers. It is a bluish-gray, though it looks just gray in the photo. I liked the little bit of blue in it because it went well with the blues and turquoise that I tend to wear in the summer.

Unbelievably good for the price. I do not normally write reviews, but this product had to be shared. After receiving the first one and seeing the amazing quality, I bought a second for a gift.

The macadamia line is great! The hair oil, in particular, is fabulous. Getting the 7 piece set is a wonderful value, compared to getting the products individually. Absolutely worth it. $74