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Ellis Island. Children from Lapland

Black sunday- dust bowl

Callie Campbell, 11 years old, picks 75 to 125 pounds of cotton a day, and totes 50 pounds of it when sack gets full Oklahoma, by Lewis W. Hine 1916


Tsarevich Nicholas at the age of 10 years,1878.

ARNOLD GENTHE. The San Francisco Fire, 1906. Great photograph.

Clement duval

At the age of 63, Annie Edson Taylor became the first woman to challenge Niagara Falls and the first to do so in a barrel.

Major Charity Adams Early, the first African American woman commissioned as an officer in the Women's Army Corps

Christine Quintasket, (Mourning Dove) 1888-1936. Mourning Dove was a Salish Indian. Her father was a member of the Okanogan Indians but he left his wife and family. She was the first Native American Woman to write and publish novels.

Dr. Bethenia Owens, the West Coast's First Female Doctor. Amazing story. Married at 14, she tolerated a worthless husband for 4 years, until in 1858, he “whipped my baby (who was around 24 months old at the time) unmercifully, and struck and choked me.” Then she left him. And became an extremely hard working woman, teaching and dressmaking, sending her son George to Berkeley when he was 14. He became a doctor. And then, she did too.

In 1949, President Turman appointed Georgia Neese Clark Gray as Treasurer of the United States. Since her appointment as the first Treasurer, every Treasurer has since been a woman.

Susanna "Dora" Salter, born on 3/2/1860. In 1887, at age 27, she was elected Mayor of Argonia, Kansas, becoming the 1st woman mayor and the 1st woman elected to political office in the United States.

Lillian Russell. A plus size beauty in the late 1800s. She was around 200 lb at the peak of her career. She was considered "The American Beauty."

This photo taken in North Carolina in 1888, shows a Cherokee cabin that is very representative of the homes in this region during the 19th century. The United States federal government forced about 16,000 Cherokee and hundreds of other Native Americans to abandon their land in NC, GA, Tenn, & AL and move to OK in the late 1830's. Brett Riggs, an archaeologist at the University of NC, is uncovering the remains of farms and homes in the mountains of NC, that the Cherokee left behind.

Photo: Dig Adds to Cherokee "Trail of Tears" History

Catherine the Great 1729 - 1796 One of the greatest political leaders of the eighteenth century. Catherine the Great played an important role in improving the lot of the Russian serfs. She placed great emphasis on the arts and helped to cement Russia as one of the dominant countries in Europe.

How Hedy Lamarr, the famous actress, invented a technology which later gave us Bluetooth and wi-fi.

President Theodore Roosevelt and family

John Willis Menard (1838-1893) was the first African American elected to Congress, but was not seated after a dispute over the election results. As a result he became the first African-American to address the U.S. House of Representatives. Menard, apparently won a contest to complete the term of Rep. James Mann, who had died in office. However, his opponent, challenged the results. The Committee on Elections refused to seat either candidate, leaving the seat vacant .

Queen Victoria Cabinet Card A cabinet card of Queen Victoria by Irish photographer James Lafayette. His real name was James Stack Lauder and the Lafayette photographic studio was opened by him in 1880. The business survives to this day making it one of the oldest photographic studios in the World. The Card has been signed by Queen Victoria and is dated Feb. 10th 1887, which was her wedding Anniversary I believe.

Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles

Tennessee Williams in Istanbul, 1954. [Credit : Ara Güler]