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Katherine Li

Katherine Li

I love cute animals, especially cats and dogs and birds and sea otters and stoats and wolves and penguins and polar bears and yeah

Just 4 baby bunnies I found at the park

Hes in the rear view now :(

A very little puppy. Sadly not a little puppy anymore.

He found his first stick today!

Our house is well-protected.

Love this puppys smile

  • Blaze Starr

    My Goodness what a cute dog ! I had a Shih Tzu named Sh'Grrr Bear. He gave me 14 wonderful and fun years of his life. His little spirit still resides in my home.

Just my siamese in a derp moment

Jaguar Cat and David Bowie Cat. Just too cute.

This is my best friend Doug. He needs some good vibes sent his way.

Just a perfect picture of my dog, Zipper :)

  • Guy Ward

    Wow very nice dog Katherine what does that make now this must be at least 50

  • Guy Ward

    Whats that no. 50

The squirrels mom abandoned her, so my mom stepped in!

My dog looking uncharacteristically vicious

This is my best pal, Boh. Hes a good dude.

Meet Chief, an American Bulldog

Jaguar Cat and David Bowie Cat. Just too cute.

Love how he crosses his paws :)