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Math - Number Talks

Check out my Rekenrek, Subitizing/Dots and 5/10/Teen Frames Boards for more number talks ideas.

A post about a great math conference...and the book "Number Talks"!

Free printable #math talk poster... great for students (and teachers!) to look at for help with speaking math!

Math Talk 101 |

Peachy Teaching: Number talks and a FREEBIE!

Peachy Teaching: Number talks and a FREEBIE!

These 24 differentiated Math Talk Cars contain questions and sentence starters to help your students practice communicating their ideas about problem solving. This is a great tool to encourage students to use in a mini lesson, partner time, or during math stations.

Common Core Math Talk Cards for Partnerships

Number Talks Addition Strategies

What I Have Learned: Addition Strategies & Number Talks

Hands-on ideas to help students build a strong foundation in mathematics!

Learning to the Core: Five for Friday on a Saturday!

FREE Questioning Ring to use as a reference for during lessons

Ten frames. Subitizing.

Math Coach's Corner: Using Dot Cards to Build Number Sense

Math Coach's Corner: Open Number Line Addition. What exactly is an open number line? Well, it's a number line with no numbers or tick marks. Open number lines are great models for working with addition.

Math Coach's Corner: Open Number Line Addition

Number Talks

The Go To Teacher: New year, new photos

Very realistic Number Talks in first grade: 8 + 7 (the only thing missing is the teacher writing what students are doing! notation) good for pd.

Classroom Number Talk: Grade 3 38 + 37 using different strategies

Classroom Number Talk: Grade 3

Subitizing with larger numbers!

Number Talks

Mrs. Samuelson's Swamp Frogs: Number Talks

Number Talks Subitizing Dots. Tues First Grade SG Number Talk.AVI

Math Coachs Corner: Whos Doing the Talking? Number talks are short--10-15 minute- warm-up activities focusing on mental math strategies. Here's my testimonial. You might think your students won't have the strategies that the kids in the video use. Let me tell you, they will surprise you! I have never seen students more engaged and excited about math than I have when I'm doing number talks.

Math Coach's Corner: Who's Doing the Talking?

Great prompts to start Math Talk!

Making Shift Happen: Math Talk!