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Be Cool to Animals

Money talks in the fight for puppy mills - big money trade groups fight pet store bans...Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching.

Money talks in the fight for puppy mills

Why you should think twice before you adopt a kitten - 7 in 10 cats and kittens that end up in animal control die. Think about that commitment before you bring home a pet.

Why you should think twice before you adopt a kitten

Students work on their reading skills by reading to cats at the West Suburban Humane Society's Cat Tales program. #catsrock #kidsreading

Cat Tales: Kids find purr-fect reading buddies at animal shelter

A volunteer network has used social media to reunite thousands of lost dogs with their families. They've designated Wednesday as National Lost Dog Awareness Day because not all stray dogs are homeless.

Lily died last month just hours after eating dark chocolate, which is five times more lethal to dogs than milk chocolate. In her memory, Lily's family now sounds a warning about "healthy chocolate" and the danger to pets.

Jack enjoyed a few warm sunny days before he went to the rainbow bridge. After being a victim of abuse, this once stray dog was loved his final days.

#endpuppymills For the first time yesterday, Millie played with other dogs almost 10 months after her rescue.

Jack Sparrow has seen a life of abuse...but is a sweet, affectionate soul. Diagnosed with cancer shortly after rescue, this sweet dog is now living the best life ever in the time he has left thanks to Jack Sparrow's bucket list.

Eli kept returning to his rescue because of severe separation anxiety. Then the perfect home came up - a memory care Eli is never alone - One Tail at a Time: A special home for Eli

Animal advocates take aim at Boone County puppy mills

Jack Sparrow's optic nerve was severed and his eye was removed. He's had a stroke and is fighting for survival - here's how to help,

USA Hockey Player David Backes and his wife rescued two dogs from the Olympics. His group Athletes for Animals stepped did many other Olympians. Go USA.

For some people, pets may be their only family - here's a look at some special human animal bonds.

Rethinking how we view some human animal bonds

Do you think your pet may make a good therapy pet? Stop by the Lake Bluff Library at 7 p.m. for Pet Therapy - Not just for dogs! to learn more.

The opposition is beginning to speak up about the proposed pet store ban on the sale of commercially bred dogs and cats in Chicago. Here's a look at the arguements... FYI - Pet store puppies come from commercial breeding operations...puppy mills.

Your dog can have loads of fun even with the never-ending winter. Zoom Room has opened in Chicago with several new options.

Updates on my top stories of the year.

Help pets in need by donating to one of the many pet food and supply drives.

Pet photos with Santa at Chicago Subarus with Fetch Portraits.

Is this dog really a "pit bull"? Thanks to DNA testing, we're learning you can't judge a book by it's cover - dogs that look like pit bulls often have no "pit bull" DNA.

A lot of people are mesmerized over the new Chipotle video - Here's why it lack's imagination.

Iowa shutters Pratt puppy mill, but what took so long - A look at the long case against one of the country's worst puppy mills.

Iowa shutters Pratt puppy mill, but what took so long. Debra Pratt racked up increasing violations over the years before her dogs were auctioned in April and she was fined last month. Why is the law on the side of bad puppy mills.