want to do this on my mantle

Wine Bottle Wind Chime Gong - I can totally make these with my christmas gift!

Holiday wine bottle lights Jack O lantern by CharmingAffect, etsy - great idea!

Decorative Embellished Blue, Silver, and White Wine Bottle Light. $22.00, via Etsy.

Wine Bottle Wind Chimes...have these already too.

Mason Jar Lanterns - bust out the puffy paint? This is so beautiful, you guys could totally do this!

A #diy windchime made from repurposed winebottles. Guaranteed to kill squirrels and cut the shit out of your hands. Make your neighbors green with envy be hanging these shards of glass around your house. Also makes an useful flail for fighting off burglars and unwanted house guests!

Recycled Wine Bottle Wind Chimes Also a link to ZANKER recycling plant/tours in San Jose

"stained glass" Mason Jar tutorial

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