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If you're looking for something to buy me....

Stuff I found that is cool, but not cool enough to spend my own money on. But you can indulge for me!

Hoodies Original The South Butt with South Butt Tags | eBay

Line Wheel Light Multicolor, $25, now featured on Fab.

My birthday is coming up....if you have $1000 burning a hole in your pocket, that is.

How cool is this?!? I could literally shower in a rainbow!

Rainbow Moon Boot Rainbow, $135, now featured on Fab.

Copco Strawberry Teakettle

Report Cards for Real Life: I could have a lot of fun with these!

Citations for Real Life. I would have way too much fun with this!

Neverending Story eReader Cover. $58.95, via Etsy.

A sleeping bag. With FEET. That you WEAR. I love this so much.

My favorite team on my favorite shorts!

PBJ knee highs. stop it.

If you are looking for a gift for me...