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Be Here Now: Clear Your Head

126 Pins

Be Here Now: Clear Your Head

  • 126 Pins

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A 7-Day Detox For Your Smartphone Addiction

Cure Your Dissatisfaction Disorder, by Nicole LaBonde. You see, I have a disease. It's called Dissatisfaction Disorder. Its main symptom is an inability to appreciate the present moment, coupled with a drive to do and be more, accompanied by the nagging fear that this is as good as it gets.

Cure Your Dissatisfaction Disorder.

3 Questions that Will Free Your Mind & Turn Your Life Around (by Marc an...

5 Cosmic Conjurings & Mantras for Creatives~ Artwork: Knife Painting by Francoise Nielly ~

5 Cosmic Conjurings & Mantras for Creatives.

YES! I always do this now! Shower meditations ♥

“Ushinrin-yoku” is a Japanese term that translates as “forest bathing” and describes immersing oneself in a forest environment in order to experience the healing effects of mother nature at her best. It is believed that the trees themselves emit natural aromatherapeutic benefits from the essential oils in the woods that are inhaled over an extended period, causing an actual "magic in the air."

Forest Bathing - HAPPINESS IS...


WEI-WU-WEI - Conscious non-action, the deliberate and principled decision to do nothing for a reason.

Albert Einstein's fear...

someleadershiplab... finds two kinds of people as much as they find two ways of thinking. Whichever situations act as lures, isn't it clear that the switch from "search fresh" to "prioritize status quo" and back again is human and mammalian? The same discussion visits strategies to "grow the pie" vs "fairly divide known assets".

From scarcity to abundance

morning meditation

✨The 7 Level of Consciousness✨


7 Ways to Be a Better Forgiver. Forgiveness can be such a complicated (and somewhat mysterious) concept....but it is so valuable. I love this simple, practical list. Great ways to practice "repair attempts" John Gottman would call them.

7 Ways to Become a Better Forgiver

Wise words

Daniel Goldstein: The battle between your present and future self Every day, we make decisions that have good or bad consequences for our future selves. (Can I skip flossing just this one time?) Daniel Goldstein makes tools that help us imagine ourselves over time, so that we make smart choices for Future Us.

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Ahimsa. Do no harm.

Living Ahimsa. ~ David Procyshyn