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I am finding that immersion in Facebook specifically is just causing me depression so have already started doing this for the most part.

A 7-Day Detox For Your Smartphone Addiction

Sagittarius and relationships. It honestly is so true

Keep Calm and Drink Starbucks 8 x 12 Keep Calm and Carry On Parody Poster. $15.60, via Etsy.

Lifelong friendships are made from a mixture of inappropriate behavior, combined with sarcasm and shenanigans with an assload of booze.

“Many People, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book.” Jane Smiley

I want to have a happy life

But everyone claims to be awkward and weird. Most people are just stupid and annoying.

Time takes time.

Makes you "realize" interesting...

"Perspective. I LOVE this analogy. God doesn't see our sin as worse than others, or others worse than ours. It is all equal."

Tall Girl Problems

I hardly ever walk fast and I still need to slow down when I walk just so my friends can keep up!

I so have been there...not fun for either party I suspect...the tall girl (me) feels awkward and the short girl just got your boobs in her face and probably feels

Alllll the time, so I usually do an awkward crunched up thing and am uncomfortable, but at least I'm warm!!

Tall girl problem @Steph Noll

  • Steph Noll

    lol I love how you tagged me in half of these, and yes, I enjoy using step stools! :)