Presser Feet Tutorials: Wow, an amazing video. I never thought 20 minutes would go by that fast. Covers a lot of different presser feet, showing installation, settings and examples of usage with enough detail but no excessive redundancy or chatter.

Cutest shoes ever

100 Random Tips...this list just literally changed my life.

plug these into an outlet and they'll pick up the signal from your ipod ... play music throughout the house

Add a sticker to things you lose a lot, then track them with the device. Wife's keys, phone, glasses, etc...

seven dwarfs ring. Love it

rubber band seam allowance guide... how did I never think of this?

Here are 40 sneaky ways to burn a lot of calories during the day, without doing any extra exercise --- I'm going to start doing some of these!

Now this is cool. 1 Person camper called the Bufalino. I love it! I really want one!!

I totally want these!! Skip the million plastic bags. Smart design fits into your shopping cart. $17.95

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