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behavior management ideas....i know totally teacher board

Great idea

Class expectations: success, willpower, attitude, and goals. Great for MAP!!!!!

Love this! It's always the same kids...this makes them more accountable and they can SEE how often they don't do it!!!

Experimenting With 7 Habits of Happy Kids. ...great idea @brittanysmith

BY FAR the best management tool for blurting out I have EVER used!!! It worked immediately!

PBIS - This site from Michigan is good – very complete with good examples. Examples of ALL components of PBIS.

Create. Cook. Teach.: Free Rewards & PBIS

50 Activities and Games Dealing With Anger

This FREEBIE, “Sometimes I Feel Green” introduces the concept of behavioral escalation to younger students to help them become better able to recognize, identify and manage their emotions.

The MOTHER LOAD of Behavior stuff... I am not even kidding

Like this format for my behavior challenged kids :)

Instead of having students stand around you with questions and such, they bring their clothespin up to you and you clip it to your clipboard, then they sit back down and you call them up when you're ready. HOW FABULOUS FOR Writer's Workshop!

Classroom Management idea--You pick a stick and they never knew who that person was until the end of the day. If that person behaved in line, listened and followed directions in class with few warnings, they got a reward and their name went up on the wall of fame..if the mystery person did not behave their name went back into the box or whatever I had and it was never revealed...

just thought this was a good guide for children!!

World's Easiest Token System--simple method for showing kids you appreciate their good choices without using tangible rewards.

Task Regulator with built in rewards and warnings

The clipboard can stay private between the teacher and the student and it can also travel with them to specials. This way, behavior isnt on display for everyone to see!