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I miss this. Dwight’s endless torture… Favorite people ever

Sometimes I need expert advice( maybe its all the time I talk to myself.. No you aren't that crazy!)

11 Hours in the life of a mom's outfit- yes!! More than once lol!

Whose Line!!!! Love this show!

after oversleeping from his nap, Gus was speeding to his Vet appointment and didn't see Trixie, until it was too late...........

Here's a kid who knows how to handle his sh*t.

NOW that's what I call slow hams for Moms.

Best lines spoken from The Incredibles.

6 similarities between moms and crisis negotiators.


I hate when people slam on the brakes!

Daily Odd Compliment

funny, funny pictures, funny photos, fail, america, wtf, hilarious, Meanwhile, in 'Merica... 28 Photos of Hilarious Facepalms

Freak me out! Wolf spiders are all around and sometimes in my house, in which case I shriek.

I can't get out of bed. These blankets have accepted me as one of their own and if I leave no I might lose their trust.