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This is hilarious!

Twitter / _LittlePasta: My brother discovered this ...

Funny Pictures – hahaha

Funny Pictures - 76 Pics

So true, I feel like they do this on purpose so u can't complain or ask for anything! All u can do is nod.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 91 Pics


Sad, but too true

Ronald let JD borrow his ride while Sasha is in the shop...Ronald is six. #scrubs

Our Joey used to get his own Tender Vittles out of the cupboard and bit and chewed the bag until it finally opened up and he was happy! He lived for 19 years. mw That's funny!

They’re starting to evolve…

A Christmas Story

Christmas TV History: Ideal Christmas Eve Line-Up (2013)

Never has there been truer advice

Don't we all...

How I act... - 9GAG

Because of Tangled, I AM Frying Pan.

So true.

9 Reasons Straight Hair Is Better

Big Bang Theory

A burn of epic proportions…

It’s like Nerf guns for grown ups…

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