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9GAG - Just Some Harry Potter Facts Part 1

Love the simplicity of this...I'm definitely going to try!! (skipping the glitter ring finger though)

wow, the size of these birds is amazing... I'd only get three, but this opens new options! very subtle, love

Best pizza delivery ever!!! I love how he just drops the box and just knows they won’t care.

cute food for kids | Cute | Fun food for kids. Wonderful ideas!!

Turn on the app if you feel unsafe and hold your finger on the screen. Once you’ve arrived at a safe location, enter your code. If your finger leaves the screen without entering the code, law enforcement is notified and your location is traced through the phone. So great for college girls!!

  • Shelby

    ATTENTION college girls! When you are walking alone at night for what ever reason, and you see a man, call campus security, and if you can, DEFIANTLY have them on speed dial. When you see a man approaching, call them and state your situation and location. They will not mind! Talk to them normally until the man is gone, then send your thanks! And if he messes with you, scream. The rapist will most likely think that he won't be caught because you most likely didn't tell the person on the other end your location, and if you did, they'll think that the person won't take action! The rapist will be caught, and you are safe! It may seem like a hassle, but one night you might regret it. This saved my cousins life when a man attempted to shoot her for her money!

How to remove acrylic or gel nails from home using only dental floss! This actually works! Saving this for the future...

Gender Reveal! So Cute!! A pin I do not need, but it is adorable! Please someone do this!!

Pin again and again and again and again.

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Fun fact: the actor that plays him got arrested for growing marijuana so "Blaise Zabini" took Crabbe's place in the last movie. --JK Rowling told all the actors at the very beginning of making the Harry Potter movies that if any of them get in trouble with the law or involved with drinking and drugs, she would kick them out.