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Wear an old sock over your shoe. Go for a nature walk. Remove sock, spritz with water put into a ziploc bag. Hang the bag in a window for 2 what GROWS! Very cool! Also check out Mrs. Drake's webpage for science resources. It's a GOLDMINE!

Mrs. Drakes room -SCIENCE

Tree/Leaf Identification.

9 Amazing Night Sky of 9 Darkened Cities by thierrycohen via 9gag #Night_Sky #Light_Pollution

9 Amazing Night Sky of 9 Darkened Cities

Spark your kids' curiosity and make science fun w/ these 7 experiments from Buggy and Buddy!

Why finger prune underwater - WTF fun facts

Predict weather with a cup of coffee

Ordinary Life Magic: Newton's First : With Raw Eggs

Where's The Octopus? (great science video on camouflage in cephalopods )

"WHAT IS MAN, THAT YOU ARE MINDFUL OF HIM? And the son of man, that you visit him? For you have made him a little lower than the angels, and have crowned him with glory and honor..." Psalm 8:4-5.

Earth Science Unit.....A great visual to explain plate tectonics and the formation of volcanoes and mountains.