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Cake! Let them Eat Cake!!

A Collection of Unique Cakes from around the World! Your Invited to Share your Favorite #Cake Pin! Please Email: for an invite. Please do not overwhelm the board with excessive pinning at one time.. (more than 10 pins in 24 hrs is considered excessive here.) Please respect this pinning etiquette and our group. After one warning you will be removed. @KatieSheaDesign Please DO NOT INVITE anyone to this Board

Yellow Layer Cake with Chocolate Frosting and Peanut Butter Filling - it really is the perfect cake!

Celebration Chaja Cake - A jaw dropping cake of amazingness all the way from Argentina! #chaja #cake #Argentina

How to Make a Funfetti Cake from Scratch. Quite a bit more sophisticated looking than a typical funfetti anything, but all the better for the grownups who are still kids at heart!